Goolge Play v2 App Store Blogger template


Goolge Play v2 App Store Blogger template

Creative minds keep making the Blogger platform a place to stay. And if you are one of those who love the platform like me, then building a simple yet professional looking App store wouldn't require you spend on hosting.

With the Goolge Play V2 App Store Blogger theme, you can build an out-of-the-box app store website using Blogger. Check out the features and the demo of this amazing theme and get it for your dream App store website.

Goolge Play v2 - Just another Play Store!

Goolge Play V2 is a Blogger App Store theme designed to look just like the Google Play Store website. Designed based on the Google material design, the theme is  SEO-optimised, Responsive Design, and comes with up to date schema markups.

Theme features

Responsive Layout
"Google Play v2" is very responsive, meaning it supports all screen types and sizes.

Theme Designer
You can adjust the appearance through the Theme Designer on Blogger and "Google Play v2" really supports it.

Easy Installation
You can go directly through the Backup Theme without error.

"Goolge Play v2" can automatically translate the language on the blog, the available languages ​​are English and Indonesian.

"Google Play v2" can be used for blogs/websites that have various types of niches.

Cross-Browser Compatible
"Goolge Play v2" really supports all types of browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Opera, to Internet Explorer.

SEO Friendly
The theme you use has an impact on SEO and "Google Play v2" is very SEO friendly.

Get Goolge Play v2 App Store Blogger template

For installation guide, the theme comes with detailed documentation. But you can check out this guide on how to install a Blogger theme properly.
The Goolge Play V2 Blogger template is the property of El Creative Academy.